Paws & Co


Dog walking

Instead of leaving your dog alone all day, let them have their own special time.

I research your local area to select the most suitable locations for exercising your dog, or upon your instructions I can walk your dog in the areas they know with you.
I try to ensure minimum time is spent in transit, as most dogs prefer to investigate a hedgerow than sit in my luxury transport.

I take great care in selecting which dogs are partnered for walks and spend time learning about your dog before choosing a companion.

I prefer to walk dogs in small select groups to provide proper company and socialisation, however if your dog has special requirements I can provide exclusive walks.

I can feed and will give your dog fresh water if needed.

If we return wet and muddy, your pet can be rubbed down if you leave their towel available.

I can send you a text to let you know your how much your dog has enjoyed its walk.

Cat Visiting

While you are away, let your cat relax in their own home, so no need to pester relatives and friends, or to use the dreaded cat basket.

During my visits, I will feed your cat, provide fresh water, clean food bowls, feeding areas and litter trays, whilst not forgetting the most important… fuss and cuddles. I can send you a text to let you know your cat is happy.

As a bonus while your home is unoccupied, I can remove signs that you are away, move bins and make the normal small changes to discreetly enhance your home’s security.

Small Animals

The smaller animals can be just as demanding as cats or dogs when it comes to attention and care. Your little pets are just as important to Paws & Co as my larger clients. The same care and attention will be lavished on their wellbeing. I understand that small and exotic animals can have special requirements, so feeding, watering and cleaning for all small and exotic pets will be handled meticulously and to your specific instructions.